You can request a cancelation for whatever reason within 1 -3 days from the purchase date (when we still in pitching phase), and/or only before we start the project.

However, you can ask for payment refund only within 24 hours from the purchase date, later than that we are not be able to process it.

How to process?

Submit your cancelation request via email at

by providing the following details:

  • The name you are registered with on Gojira Studio website
  • The email you registered with on Gojira Studio website
  • The name of Service you would like to refund for the purchase date
  • The reason why you ask to cancel the project (this will help us a lot to improve our works and service)

We will carefully check the details of your purchase and your reasonably request, We will let you know if you are eligible for the refund, and we will process it immediately.